1. Anne Cistoldi

    Pat you must be as proud of your Dad as he is of you….
    He shows us how successful slow and right can be….
    Notice he whistles before giving his treats
    His body language is so effective. …he’s so patient … uses love, language and leadership
    The horses love his slow pace and kindness….doesn’t waste energy on human language…it’s hard not to babble to our horses when we are with them…but he has mastered this.
    You can see he has a plan and is very effective executing it.
    Waits for the horse to respond and allows them time to think and soak…
    Rewards the slightest try….
    Doesn’t hurry or rush…
    What an inspiration… another generation of Parelli!
    This is all about the horse’s welfare…

  2. Lorraine Best

    I think the whistle-treat connection is a good way to start getting a horse to come from the pasture when you whistle! I’m going to try it with my horse! I never saw anyone teach a horse to lay down. That was so cool!!! Absolutely beautiful! I’m going to try that, too!