1. Serena Mastrosavas

    Look at that would ya! I’m a nurse in Aged Care & I’m forever trying to get people around that vintage motivated to do the simplest of tasks. Just encourage & open the path way to allow the older generation to continue to do the things they love to do.-wished it was that simple. That man will go on & on. Wouldn’t it be fab if aged care facilities could cater for these sorts of needs in the human spirit & as for the horse’s well….I needn’t say a thing.

  2. Anne Cistoldi

    Love your comment Serena. I also love to see how Grandpa Jack truly gets Pat’s program, step by step, philosophy, principles and the 7 keys to success.
    He’s a great role model and inspiration!!!

  3. Claudia Omland

    This is so amazing to see! What a great role model you are Grandpa Jack. My beloved grandparents passed away at that age demented and I chose for myself to stay active and have a passion for as long as I breathe to stay young in my mind as long as possible. Imagine that: 50 years of learning from and with horses ahead of me, how wonderful of a perspective is that?!