Update on Emma

We are heartbroken to report that Emma is no longer with us. Please watch the heartfelt message from Pat as he shares what happened.

These images were captured during last week’s play session with Grandpa Jack.

He was thrilled with her progress saying:
“I can’t believe this is the right horse, I kept looking at her making sure I had Emma with me. She does everything I ask.
Today she put all 4 feet on the pedastal, went in to the pond up to her knees, jumped all the logs, she was just great”

Please keep Grandpa Jack in your thougths, and the team on the Florida campus who all touched her in some way. She leaves a huge hole in all of our hearts.


  1. Anne Cistoldi

    Grandpa Jack, you have become such an inspiration to me in so ways to numerous to mention.
    Sending love and sympathy to you and all those who were a part of Emma’s recovery and growth. I know she is waiting for you beyond the rainbow bridge….

  2. Sue Solf

    Glad she was able to receive the love and understanding she deserved and had a good home even if it were short lived. Being malnourished in her previous short life probably didn’t help her bones.

  3. Serena Mastrosavas

    Don’t feel sad for she’s not gone
    When you here the wind you will here her song
    Say farewell but feel no sorrow
    For time on this earth we only borrow.
    God bless xx

  4. Carol Boies

    Sending a hug and warm thoughts to Grandpa Jack. You’ll always have the time you spent with Emma in your heart; thank you for sharing her with us.

  5. Ginger Hassenzahl

    I am so sorry!! Thank you for sharing the journey with Emma and Grandpa Jack. I had to put two of my four horses to sleep this past spring. So difficult and heart breaking. Thoughts and prayers for you.

  6. Jeannie Hosey

    Emma was able to reach her potential and feel confident and loved, thanks to Grandpa Jack and the Parelli’s. Sending you all condolences for your loss. We hope to see Grandpa Jack and his marvelous work again soon— as soon as he’s ready.

  7. Lynda Costanzo

    Oh man, just heart wrenching. We are so blessed to see such love and compassion and it touches all of us who follow someone’s partnership journey.
    Love and warm hugs Grampa Jack.

  8. Melita Rogers

    Such a short packed memory box, but Remember all the love you gave her, and returned to you…. doesn’t make it easier I guess, but perhaps “Mr Troy H” could be caring for her now also.
    Love and hugs to Grandpa Jack. Wonderful man, inspiration to us all. Thank you Pat for taking the time to document all to us especially the so sad farewell.

  9. Jane Johns

    That’s the worst part of having horses, having to make the hard decision at the right time. Run Free, Emma, and a huge HUG to Grampa Jack, and everyone.

  10. Nancy Keim

    Dear Grandpa Jack, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Emma was so sweet. I hope you will continue to rescue and help horses. I’m glad she had you there for her. I’ve lost some horses too and and I believe that I’ll reunite with them in heaven as with our loved ones. You are an inspiration to me . I wish I could give you a hug.