Horseman’s Habits – March 2021

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Horseman's Habits - Welcome

Horseman's Habits - Welcome

Some motivation for the middle of your week.

Advice From An Instructor

Advice From An Instructor




  1. Connie Barker

    I liked the video a lot. I would like to know more about Zuzana (not sure on spelling) and what things helped her overcome her fear. I had horses when I was young but somehow did not acquire very much horse knowledge. Stopped riding for about 15 years (career/kids/etc.) and have returned without my youthful confidence and a healthy dose of adult fear. My current horse can be disrespectful at times and our road has been bumpy…including a few bucks. Her story on the zoom meeting seemed similar so I’m wanting to know what advice she may have.

    1. Zuzana Runge

      Hi Connie,
      thank you for spelling my name correctly!
      What helped me the most was learning how horses think, act, and play not just with each other but also with a human. So when you can identify your horse’s behavior you can pair it with the right strategy. Following the Levels program and Horsenality teaches you all that. Let me know if you have any more questions I’d be happy to help!