Harlow’s Last Chance

Harlow is a 6-year-old TB/Dutch Warmblood mare who was un-ride-able prior to arriving at Pat’s Performance Barn at the Florida Parelli Center. She is a highly bred horse destined to be a dressage superstar, but traditional training was not working for her.

After many failed attempts to start her under saddle, she was about to be turned out to pasture for the rest of her life.

A friend of Pat’s, George Issacs of Bridlewood Farms, contacted Pat and asked if he could give this horse her last chance at a successful future through a natural start.

Pat played with Harlow for the first week, and then coached his Mastery Students, Anna Sell in particular, through the sequence of developing Harlow’s foundation.

After only 5 weeks in Pat Parelli’s Performance Barn, Harlow starred in the Two Worlds Together Dressage Summit as an example of foundation before specialization and the power of natural horse development.



  1. Sandy Wilson

    she looks like NAT my gelding (7yo) who hasn’t been ridden since Aug 2, 2017. He was started by Brian Drake, Parelli Professional and has proven to be highly intelligent. LBE and has lessened his aggressiveness . barging and feeding. though at my age (80) I am not quick enough to control him. He’s still green and dominant. I am in process of rehoming my two (his dam, Blue (12yo ). Giving to Parelli People w/no charge.

  2. Liz Nichols

    Harlow is absolutely STUNNING and what a wonderful transformation. Thank you so much for sharing this story and the videos, brought a huge smile to my face. Great work team Parelli 🙂

  3. Jody Brott

    The transformation for Harlow was perfect. Watching George as Pat and his assistant presented Harlow at the TWT was a heart warming great experience. It was evident how impressed and thankful George was that Harlow now has a second chance thanks to Pat and PNH. I am continually impressed with Pat and Linda as they work to change the world one horse and one human at a time.

  4. Wendy Orwell

    Feel Blessed to see this ,There is so many horses that are rejects to no fault of their own and also people. This is very emotional to me as i see it a lot where i am. I seen a very talented horse last year, this horse belong to a very talented person as he had a lot of baggage. I know i would not of had enough arrows in my quiver. but am hoping to learn more .Thank you to the Parelli’s for this.