Netherlands Advanced Masterclass Days 4-5 with Linda

Day 4 – The subject of the day was, wait for it… CANTERING!  

The word “canter” can strike fear into the hearts of many a rider who has gotten out of control, lost confidence, or just found cantering altogether challenging. And why is this so? Mainly because our adrenaline comes up, the horse’s too, we lose balance, lose our position, lose direction, and let the horse take over to some extent or another, and… we don’t canter in our body.

We also did some simulations with contact: how important it is to have your horse going forwards enough to stretch to the bit and not allow the reins to flap loose and lose the contact.

As you can imagine, we worked on solving all these problems and had some great results today! I am so impressed by the learning attitude and effort and changes in horses, riders, and partnerships.

DAY 5 – Finalé

Well, today was the LAST day of my Advanced MasterClass in the Netherlands. What a great week it was, and I really don’t like endings! I get so bonded with everyone and it’s hard to imagine not meeting everyone again in the morning. Such great breakthroughs, real dedication and effort from all the riders and wonderful support from the gallery for the whole learning process.

This morning we talked about goal-setting and how to strategize your training, and then focused on Liberty. The big message is that it’s all about CONNECTION. When you have that, and the Seven Games, you can do anything. But… getting your horse to want to connect is the secret, you can’t force it, you can’t tell them to – you have to set it up so they want to be with you.

The afternoon expanded on the riding concepts we’d built up over the previous four days, and the final piece of the puzzle was step 8 of The Finesse Training Sequence: Random Patterns. It is a great concept for making your riding time productive as you practice what you already can do.

Thank you, Eef, Annemyke and your team for hosting me. And thank you to the riders and gallery students who made this a really special five days. I know you are set up now to make massive progress in the coming months.

~ Linda

P.S. Thought you might like to see the list of problems and goals that we achieved over the week! Below is the Day 4 review, so of course, we checked it all off. 🙂


  1. Kathryn Willcox

    Morning! Great read, especially as it’s so early here in UK and too dark to go out to see my herd yet!! Oh wait it’s just getting light, just shows you how engrossed I’ve been!!

  2. Rainer Blessing

    In the long term I would like to have a periodical email with the changes on the site including new blogs, but I think there are more important things to do currently.

    1. Parelli Post author

      Hi Rainer, We have recently adjusted the home page to include these updates, you’ll notice that we have Member Minute, Savvy Club Updates and Blog updates!

  3. Anne Cistoldi

    Love the Blogs Linda! Thanks for taking the time to reiterate for us. Getting help for problems is such great support and you always make it so easy! What a gifted teacher. We are so lucky!!!

  4. Tessa Ramsay

    I’ve been lurking around figuring out the new site, and I would love more direction on “contact online.” I’ve worked really hard at Finesse this year and want to extend the benefits to my online work. I would love active stretch at 45′ for my Level 4 audition. So far I’ve got Karen Rohlf’s work and Silke Vallentin I’m playing with.

    1. Parelli Post author

      Hi Tessa,
      You’re in the right place watching Silke’s DVD’s. She does a brilliant job of teaching advanced On Line skills.