Savvy Club Update

Parelli Savvy Club Evolution – Important Information

As you are aware, we had some serious problems with our previous Savvy Club website. We literally had 2 weeks to move to another site because everything was about to crash. The site ‘broke’ and could not be fixed.

We know this has been hard to understand, but thank you for your feedback and encouragement, this has meant the world to us because we feel you know what we are going through too. The last thing we want to do is disappoint you and this has just been terrible.

Our team has been working into the night to salvage everything we can, and we can now tell you more about how things are evolving and what you can expect from the new site. Change is hard for some to accept, but in some cases, changes can be really positive – even the ones that are forced on us!

The previous Savvy Club site had some wonderful features but things were so complex and custom-made that we were having trouble updating it. There were also functions that kept going wrong. So the good news is that we are working with a company who specializes in membership websites and what we have now is fantastic. Even better, they take care of the technology side so we can focus on the horsemanship, teaching, and community side – the things that we are passionate about.

Here is an update to let you know how the new site will serve you and support you in your quest to become a more savvy leader, teacher, and rider for your horse.

Thank you for your continued support, we are here for you too. If you have any questions, please email us at:

Yours naturally,

Pat & Linda, and the Parelli Team


Important information about the website content, features, changes, and improvements!

The Parelli Levels Program Pathway

The Lessons and videos are exactly the same from the previous site to the new site. The Levels lessons and step-by-step pathway can be found in the top navigation menu under ‘eCourses’. And now, each Savvy/Level is featured as a stand-alone eCourse.

As you complete each eCourse you earn points and your progress is tracked and shown on screen to help keep you on track and motivated to keep learning more. This is the most comprehensive curation of the Levels program lessons we have ever produced to help you learn at home. It is a phenomenal curriculum that takes you from Level 1 to Level 4, in all Four Savvys. You can also now download and print the new Levels Lesson Guide, a handy at-a-glance look at all the lessons and tasks featured in the whole program.

Background Information: There are 1108 videos that had to be found and re-encoded to put into the new site. We were not able to complete this huge project in the short window of time we had, but are working around the clock and placing new content on the site as quickly as possible. Currently, all the Level 1 videos are in; Level 2 On Line, Liberty, and FreeStyle videos are in; and Levels 3 and 4 On Line videos are in. The remaining Level 4 Liberty and Levels 3-4 FreeStyle/Finesse videos are being added as fast as the team can go. The new Touchstone eCourses will follow after the Levels.

Community & Connection – THE HEARTBEAT of PARELLI

The most exciting feature of the new Savvy Club is the community feature. People have been describing this as FB for Parelli! It’s now really easy to communicate, share, post and get together. Log in and have a look around! There are already many members active with lots of friends, and there are groups forming everywhere to support and motivate each other to be active, have more fun, and grow their savvy.

You can access your Live Wall, News Feed, Like posts, find friends (type their first or last name, or add a hyphen – between their first and last name), request friends, create Groups and Forum topics, send and receive private messages, and learn together.

Achievements – Tracking – Badges

Research has proven that people are more motivated when they feel rewarded for their efforts. In the Levels Program you get a certificate and specially colored savvy string when you officially audition and graduate each Level, but until now that was really the only reward program we had. With the new Savvy Club, you now automatically earn badges and points for completing courses and being active in the community. Even better, we can keep introducing new features according to your wish lists!

Massive Video, Audio, & Digital Magazine Library

The Parelli ‘library’ is one of the biggest and most valuable horsemanship resources on the planet! You can go in and search for just about anything, from specific topics to lessons, including DVDs and previous Levels Program video packages we used to sell separately! You’ll also find Member Minutes, Magazine content and articles, live tour events and seminars, and just about everything Pat and Linda have done on video, audio or written down!

Background Information: Over 3000 videos, audios, and digital magazines are being transferred to the new site, with much better cataloging and tagging! This is a huge endeavor and once the Levels videos are all in, every week over the month of October the library will grow as we re-tag and import the content.

Tracking Horse Time and Health Visits

Unfortunately, this completely broke and disappeared with the old site. It also broke our hearts because we knew that some of you loved this and it could not be transferred to the new site. We are so sorry, we did everything we could. 🙁 The good news, however, is that we are creating Task Checklists that can be used for individual horses. Rather than having them attached to the video lessons, they are a stand-alone checklist, which makes the functionality much more user-friendly.

Background Information: Of course we are looking into ways to replace this feature, including researching other apps that are designed specifically for this and include many more features than we could ever create. We are the horse behavior and learning experts and now we can focus on that and let the other experts contribute to this part.

Your Profile and Account Settings

You can now manage your email, password, and set your preferences for visibility within the site.

Blogs from Pat and Linda

Now that our community feature is so strong, Pat and Linda are really looking forward to getting more connected. As teachers and people who are passionate about changing the world for horses and the people who love them, talking to you about issues that affect your motivation or confidence, commenting on topical issues, or sharing stories and insights, is something they are really looking forward to. There is SO much information on the Savvy Club site and helping you to figure out what you want and where to get it is part of their leadership role.

You can look forward to insightful blogs from Linda, updates from Pat and Linda, and know that the heartbeat of the community is now easily accessible to them too!

The future of the Parelli Savvy Club is brighter than ever. Now that we have the right technology tools, we can focus on doing what we do best and serving you. Stay tuned for some exciting news about proposed new tour events and member activities in the near future.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment because, as a community, we are a powerful influence on the horse world around us, whether we realize it or not. All of us at Parelli are focused on something much bigger than ourselves… We are focused on a positive future for the horse industry, a better life for horses, keeping horses in our lives and the lives of our friends and families, and keeping our own passion for horses alive!

Keep it Natural!
The Parelli Team

Thank you to Jeri from the Parelli USA office for sharing your “Oh no” to “Oh yes” moments with Zoe.


  1. Audrey Hagedorn

    Thank you, Team, for this. It is so good to be getting regular news about how things are going and what is to come :~D
    I’m interested to hear about plans for image & video functions. It would be so useful to be able to choose from our already uploaded pics & videos for posts. Also images & posting don’t work the same way in wall posts vs in the forums. Are there changes planned for continuity of these areas?
    I am so appreciating the work so far!

  2. Julia Bowles

    Thank you for all the hard work and commitment to continue to provide this valuable resource. I am looking forward to seeing how this new site unfolds. The program is clear and for me one of the most valuable parts is seeing the real lessons where people struggle and overcome challenges.
    Thanks again and for keeping us informed.

  3. Lorraine Wood

    Thank you for the update, I was beginning to wonder if I had a problem my end so a regular update as to how things are progressing with the new site is helpful so that we know what we are supposed to have.
    Will there be any new education at all, like there used to be each month? I am hoping there will be, as those of us who have been members for years won’t be receiving anything new & will only be seeing that which we have already seen, watched, or indeed own in hard format?
    Thanks again.

  4. Yvonne Bishton

    Just to say thank you again for giving us this information , it really helps knowing rough guide lines as to what is happening , and when the information is available to us, it would be good to have the horse wall back at some point as it was something a lot of people liked about the other site , good luck with getting everything on and looking forward to the new essentials and savvy times getting back to normal , as I’ve said in my posts this new site is definatly looking better and more user freindly , although the wall is taking some getting used to, just like to give a big shout out to vonnie she has been great helping with issues and getting back to us, can’t wait to see your lessons with Linda resume loved them

  5. Sharon Carr

    Wanted you to also know that we have just uploaded a Savvy Club Tutorial video that will help in learning how to navigate this new site. The link to the tutorial can be found on the ‘Home’ page. Enjoy!

  6. Judy Saunders

    Thank you for posting this update. I’d like to suggest that you provide a link for member feedback on any technical issues we might encounter. I just watched the Savvy Club Tutorial and learned that there should be tabs across the top of the Home page; however these tabs are not present on my Home page using either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

  7. Karen and Stewart Parker

    So far I am really enjoying the new site – good luck and keep up the good work. Still have the odd navigational issue but guess I will just have to take the time it takes to become savvy with it 🙂

  8. Dagmar Johnson

    Thank you so much for the much anticipated update on where we are with the new Savvy Club !!!

    Packing up my VHS and DVDs and going back to this here – yippieehhh.

  9. Elise Wolf

    Yes, thanks for the update, and a big thanks to Jeri for helping get our membership reinstated…I think you are the one I cried on last Thurs! Just another “oh, no” to “oh, yes” moment for you. Lucky Zoe!!

  10. Christa Vergien-Knopf

    Thank you for the explnation – everything is new but some things seem to have gone? I am looking for the Manage Membership Option because I need to get my membership number for the Parelli Shop. Can anyone help me where to find it?

  11. Sandy Wilson

    WOW, I just logged on and everything is different,,,, is this the new membership wall or? I hope to have a wall where we can all share our posts and it has made us change. I say it isn’t what I was looking for and I tried to load a photo and can’t see it, maybe later. What a huge change for you. Hope this company does as good a job as you have done over many years. Keep it natural

  12. Marie-Claire Allington

    Brilliant THIS up date means I can use my Kindle Fire to watch video – for some reason the last one I couldn’t – so am looking forward to the Library being added so I can get back to what I was working on 🙂 and watch them on a bigger screen than my phone that isn’t my laptop 🙂

  13. Margaret Adair

    Thank you for all your hard work. This site will be brilliant when it’s complete. Change is tough. I’m not good at change but being a savvy club member for some 12yrs is definitely making me face my fears. Thank You. This new site is also stretching me. I was so disappointed when I logged in, to see that I had lost my ‘Pathway’ progress on this new site. Thankfully because of Parelli and emotional training instead of my usual crying and possibly even giving up, I took up the challenge and decided I was going to go through it all again and find the ‘holes’ in my horses development. Boy have I found some gaping caverns. So again Thank You, my horse also thanks you. I now see this as a blessing in disguise. I’m sorry, I know this is very uncomfortable for all of you, but you are really helping me. I’m not about to give up on the best horse developing programme on the planet.

  14. Brian Ousby

    Than you guys for all the effort you put in to provide this wonderful information to us. I apperciate all your efforts
    I’m sure my horses and all those others I come in contact with are feeling the benefit as well.